Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[2010.abad.060] Karlyn Atkinson Berg

[2010.abad.060] Karlyn Atkinson Berg
Ghosts of Ma'iingan

I am a mixed media artist working with collage since 1967. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, continued graduate work at Pratt University and New York University. In 1969 I merged my artistic background with my passion for wild animals by creating Wildlife Education Program and Design. For the last 42 years worked at both painting and my international efforts for rational understanding and conservation of wolves, canids, and other predators. I continue to present programs throughout the United States (no longer with live wolves) but now with a large historical and scientific display.

This contribution to the Book of Death emerges from my despair over the continuing destruction of predators, and in particular the coyote and the wolf. Despair because we are about to repeat the same antiquated intense and cruel extermination programs.

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